Choosing The Best Flooring For Your Kitchen

Until recently unless you were lucky enough to possess a hardwood floor; the variability of materials available for kitchen flooring was restricted to only a couple of options – vinyl, laminate, or waterproof carpet tiles. the likelihood of using stone flooring was generally restricted to those with large budgets.
Nowadays, however, the variability of affordable, good quality flooring available has increased tenfold and while you would possibly be tempted to shop for that lovely stone floor you’ve got seen within the showroom, you are doing got to ask if it’ll actually fit your requirements. Here we take a glance at the pros and cons of 4 sorts of kitchen flooring from Hardwood Flooring Frisco.


Comes either as solid wood flooring or engineered planks. an honest quality wooden floor can last for several a few years if it’s taken care of properly. Like stone, however, a wooden floor requires tons of maintenance – it’s harder to stay clean than laminate or vinyl. Wood is very vulnerable to water damage and marking so it’s important to regularly seal the ground . one among the good advantages to the present sort of floor is that the sort of wood types and hues which are available. Additionally, wood also can be painted or stained to supply greater color and elegance options.


Stone, slate, and tile flooring are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. While the value of a number of the various stone and tile varieties remains expensive in comparison to a cloth-like laminate, the worth has become, overall, cheaper. Maintenance should be considered when choosing a stone or tile floor – natural stone is porous and intrinsically requires increased care and a spotlight (including regular sealing), whereas porcelain or ceramic tiles require little or no maintenance.
When watching stone, slate, or tiles one should also consider choosing an option with a textured surface to assist prevent slips and trips within the kitchen. Stone floors are known to retain cold temperatures so under-floor heating should most certainly tend to high consideration also.


One of the foremost common sorts of flooring used nowadays, Laminate flooring has come an extended way from the 2 tone square print designs of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Now with modern manufacturing processes, laminate flooring is out there in many various colors and styles – a number of the imitation wood designs available are of outstanding quality. Laminate is affordable, reasonably easy to suit by yourself (although it’s always best to use the services of a knowledgeable fitter), and is waterproof. one among the main cons of laminate flooring is that it can wear easily in areas of high traffic.


Like laminate vinyl is a reasonable flooring option and comes during a sort of design. Vinyl is more scratch-resistant than laminate but is often harder to wash, especially if the vinyl features a complex texture.