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in depth hardwood flooring frisco tx 1When a hardwood floor is refinished this boosts its durability and improves its classy look. This process generally includes sanding, staining, polishing and finishing. Any type of damage is fixed and often a board is replaced. Refinishing takes substantial time.

Frisco Hardwood Flooring offers a complete expert solution covering every stage of wood flooring refinishing.

We fix damaged areas that occur through wear and tear in time by lifting the damaged floors, securing loosened boards, and refitting or changing old boards or parquet blocks– and afterward regluing.

Wood Floor Sanding

An experienced craftsman has the persistence for the task. Nails, staples, and tacks are gotten rid of so the sandpaper will certainly not be torn. The sander must follow the grain of the wood and that requires the proper quality of sandpaper. Sanding is the mechanical removal of the existing safety layer of your floor– be it varnish, oils or wax– and makes its surface smooth, clean and level.


After sanding, the flooring may then be stained, change the flooring shade and secure it with either varnish, lacquer, natural wax or oils.Unlike paint, stains improve the wood grain instead of concealing it.

Wood floor staining and varnishing in two distinct phases is more suitable when using a colored varnish. You will maintain far higher control over the shade and enhance durability of the sealant. The progressive deteriorating of the varnish or sealant will certainly not impact the color of the flooring underneath.

Waxing and Polishing - Frisco's Hardwood Flooring Experts

in depth hardwood flooring frisco tx 2Waxing

You may also choose to repaint your flooring using a colored wax for a soft tinting appearance where you can see the wood grain.

Wax is a totally all-natural floor coating: risk-free for you, your family members, your house and the environment.It offers the softest and smoothest of finishesand it leaves your flooring able to breathe normally.

This organic item is based upon all-natural vegetable oils and waxes. Like all-natural oil, it highlights the fundamental color of the wood and emphasizes its all-natural grain. It has become popular in the last few years with its great balance in between all-natural oil and lacquer– integrating a natural look with enhanced durability.


Polishing refurbishes hardwood floors that are a little bit used however do not need full sanding and securing. They must be cleansed/ rubbed and sealed/polished with whatever finish that was initially used on them.

We can supply a complimentary analysis of your floor and recommend the very best treatment for what you want to accomplish.

Do not worry if you are not aware of all the previous treatments. We can examine what your floorings have gone through. As floor investigators is among our skills as well.

Securing and Varnishing
A lot more durable than oil sealers, and less complicated to preserve, these products are commonly used for moderate and heavy traffic areas.
Modern lacquers do not produce the ‘plastic’ look anymore and supply a smooth sheen in a matt, satin or high gloss coating.

Our suggested finish would be a polyurethane lacquer– highly resistant to wear but which may create some discoloration to the floor beneath. As it is not an all-natural product, it can limit the breathing ability of your wooden floor.

For locations experiencing lighter use, a component polyurethane/part acrylic flooring sanding and varnishing might be preferable. This will certainly not yellow or darken the wood by any means.


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